August 06, 2020

What is a Kpop Lightstick?

A Kpop Lightstick is a symbol of unity and support to fans' favorite artists, and is an essential item when attending Kpop concerts, or other events cheering for your favorite group.  Even for fans that are unable to attend concerts, it is a collectible item with symbolic meaning of emotional support for their favorite artists.

Each lightstick design is unique to the group, demonstrating the group's logo and fandom colors so that people will know even from far away which group the lightstick represents.  

With advancement of technology, most Kpop Lightsticks have now evolved to having bluetooth functionality, in which fans can pair the lightstick with official apps on their phone and change the fanlight's colors.  In Kpop concerts, this allows the fans to enter seat numbers at the venue and the concert director can control all lightsticks simultaneously creating gorgeous lighting effects in unison (called the "Kpop Ocean").  Each lightstick may also have an official name (e.g. BTS' lightstick is called the "Army Bomb", Twice's lightstick is called the "Candy Bong", etc). As technology and designs evolve, a group may have several versions of lightsticks.  For example, BTS' Army Bomb currently has 3 versions and a special edition version, and Astro Lightstick ("Robong") currently has 2 versions.



Group Name Lightstick Name & Latest Version  Lightstick

Army Bomb V3

Special Edition ("Map of the Soul") Version

BTS Official Lightstick Army Bomb

    BTS Map of the Soul Lightstick

Twice Candy Bong Z Twice Official Lightstick Candy Bong Z
Stray Kids Nachimbong Stray Kids Official Lightstick Nachimbong
Ateez Lightiny Ateez Official Lightstick Lightiny
TXT TXT Official Lightstick TXT Official Lightstick
Astro Robong Ver 2      Astro Official Lightstick Robong Ver 2
Seventeen Carat Bong Ver 2    Seventeen Official Lightstick Ver 2
Blackpink Bl-ping-bong Blackpink Official Lightstick Bl-ping-bong
SF9 Jigu Bong Ver 2 SF9 Official Lightstick Jigu Bong
GOT7 Ahgabong Ver 2 GOT7 Official Lightstick Ahgabong Ver 2
Mamamoo MooBong Ver 2.5 Mamamoo Official Lightstick Moomoo Bong Ver 2.5
Pentagon Uni Bong Pentagon Official Lightstick Unibong
Day6 Day6 Official Lightband Day6 Official Lightband
Oh My Girl Oh My Girl Official Lightstick Oh My Girl Official Lightstick
Red Velvet Kim Man Bong Red Velvet Official Lightstick
Monsta X Mondoongie Ver 2    Monsta X Official Lightstick Ver 2
SHINee Shating Star     SHINee Official Lightstick Shating Star
NCT NCT Official Lightstick NCT-Official-Lightstick
Chungha Byulrangbong Chungha Official Lightstick Byunrangbong
AB6IX AB6IX Official Lightstick AB6IX Official Lightstick
Super Junior Subong Ver 2    Super Junior Official Lightstick Ver 2
BigBang  Bang Bong Ver 4 Big Bang Official Lightstick Ver 4