August 05, 2020


BTS Love Yourself Versions

The Love Yourself series is a four part series made up of three albums and one video release.  The first part of the series was released on September 18, 2017.  

The series was arranged in sections based on a traditional Asian storytelling format and symbolized through Hanja (Korean Chinese Characters) for each of the sections:  起 (beginning), 承 (development), 轉 (twist), and 結 (conclusion). Through the three albums, BTStells a story about falling in love, an inevitable breakup, and an epiphany about self-love.


起 (Beginning)

The 'beginning' was introduced not as a form of an album, but an introductory video to kick off the series via Jungkook's solo song "Euphoria", formally titled  “Euphoria : Theme of Love Yourself 起 Wonder” .  The song depicts a story of someone confused and unsure about whether they really like the other person or not.

承 (Development)

The 'development' was released as an album, Love Yourself 承 Her , in which the album focuses on the feeling of falling in love.  The title track, "DNA" focuses on this theme in its lyrics:

“From the day of the universe’s creation and beyond

Through the infinite centuries and beyond

In the previous life and maybe the next too

We’re eternally together.”

The album Love Yourself 承 Her released four versions:  "L", "O", "V', and E".


轉 (Twist)

The 'twist' is the album, Love Yourself 轉 Tear.  In this album, BTS talks about how they lose themselves while trying to love someone else.  The title track "Fake Love" have masks as a recurring image, indicating the main message:  before you love someone, you must learn to love yourself first.  

The album Love Yourself 轉 Tear released four versions:  "Y", "O", "U", and  "R"



結 (Conclusion)

The last album of this series is aptly named Love Yourself 結 Answer; not only does it mean conclusion of the series, but the fact that they have learned the answer raised in Her and Tear where they explored the doomed nature of a life without self love:  they must love themselves first without hiding their true selves before trying to love someone else.  The title track "Idol" focuses on BTS' personal history as idols in the K-pop industry, where idols are often seen as manufactured puppets, whereas BTS prides themselves for being the creators of their own music and lyrics. 

The album Love Yourself 結 Answer released four versions:  "S", "E", "L", F"


Together, the full album trilogy along with each released version spells "LOVE YOURSELF".