November 10, 2020

ENHYPEN is a new 7-member boy group created by BigHit, the group that created the world global superstars BTS, and CJ ENM which is an entertainment subsidiary of one of the biggest broadcasting companies in South Korea, CJ Group.   

Formed through competition show I-Land, members were chosen from the show.   Members of the groups' age are all teenagers, from 14 - 19 years old:  Heesung (19), Jay (18), Sunghoon (17), Jake (17), Sunoo (17), Jungwon (16) and Ni-Ki (14).

While six of the members were chosen through voting from the audience, Sunoo was chosen by several industry insiders, including BigHit founder Bang Si-Hyuk.
The name "Enhypen" is chosen because of the way hyphens connect different words to make new meaning, and the aim for Enhypen is to connect, discover and grow together as a group.  The name of the fandom is called "Engene", meaning that the fans will propel the group forward (like an engine).  
Enhypen will be releasing their debut mini album "Enhypen - Border:  Day One" on Nov 30.