July 24, 2020

BTS' Army Bomb lightstick is one of the most sought after lightsticks in Kpop.  They have 2 latest lightsticks, the Army Bomb Ver 3 and latest released Map of the Soul Army Bomb Special Edition.  

Here are some tips on how to spot authentic vs non-authentic ARMY Bombs:

  • The original packaging for the ARMY Bomb is very neat with the surface being really smooth. 
  • Each box comes with an ARMY bomb, guidebook, photo card, QR card, ARMY bomb pouch, and a strap.  QR code can scan with the original ARMY Bomb.  
  • The bottom of the box can fold nicely with no rough edges.  With the non-authentic packaging, this is usually not the case.
  • The original light stick feels smoother than the non-authentic one.
  • The original ARMY Bomb can connect to the Official BTS lightstick app, non-authentic ones can not.  
  • There is a hologram on the box for BigHit Entertainment.

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Also, don't miss out on our article about the story behind the Map of the Soul Army Bomb Special Edition light stick, and How 2019 was a great year for BTS.  


Kpop Group Wiki: BTS

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