Official BTS THE FACT PHOTOBOOK Special Edition: We Remember

[Release Date] June 2021

(Release Date may be delayed by manufacturer due to unforseen circumstances.  Any delays will be announced here).

140 pages of BTS in all their glory!  This photobook contains images of the members taken on stage, backstage, and also special photos of "MTV Unplugged Presents:  BTS" and "2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS". 


Photobook: 140p (Hardcover - 8.7 x 12 Inch)

Photocard: 32p (4 Sets x 8 Photocards - 4.3 x 6 Inch)

Poster: 1x Folded (Landscape - 20.4 x 14 Inch)

Printable Photo: 5p (A4 Size - 8.3 x 11.7 Inch)