Official BTS Goes On! D-ICON (DICON): Vol.10 Photobook

[Expected Date of Restock] June 14, 2021

D-Icon is the most sought after photo magazine created by Dispatch.  Considered the hottest release among Kpop fans, vol 10 features and shows off the various charms of BTS.  A perfect collection for ARMY.

PACKAGE CONTENTS (Individual Member)

- 2 x Acrylic Keyring

- 1x 3-stage lenticular cover 

- 12 x Mini Calendars

- 3 x Accordion Postcards 

- 1 x Christmas Accordian Photocard

- 5ea Photocards


- Bromide Set (8ea; 7 individual members and 1 group)

- 1 x Lenticular Desk Calendar

- 1 x Removable Sticker

- 10ea Photocards (7 individual members, 3 group)