[Re-release] ATEEZ Album - Treasure EP.1 : All To Zero CD

[Pre-Order] Release Date:  June 8, 2020



- CD

- Photobooklet(100p)

- Sticker 1EA

- Folded Poster(Random 1 Out of 2)

- Postcard 8EA

- Photocard 3EA(Normal 2EA, Random Member 1EA)


ALL orders count towards Hanteo and Gaon Charts to help Ateez win awards!


Delivery Times:

1-2 weeks via Expedited International Shipping after release date ($29.99).  

All packages via Expedited Shipping include tracking and insurance in case of lost packages!


Note:  Orders cannot be cancelled or refunded once processed.  Due to postal restrictions, we can only ship this album by Expedited International Shipping.