[Pre-Order] Official ATEEZ Lightstick

Official Release Date (Second Batch):  Feb 29, 2020

Shipping begins:  April 2020

The long-anticipated ATEEZ Official Lightstick is finally here!

Pre-order yours today to avoid disappointment!

Important Notes:

- Due to the COVID-19 situation there has been delays with the factory producing the ATEEZ lightsticks.  Shipping is anticipated to be April 2020 per KQ Entertainment.  

- Please check carefully before placing your order.  ATEEZ lightstick orders cannot be cancelled or refunded once they are processed.

- Note there is no bluetooth function with the official lightstick, it comes with a wireless control mode.  Please do not mistaken this lack of feature as not being official.  The lightstick is guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

- Due to the material of the lightstick box the manufacturer, Kpop Omo will try to protect the lightstick to prevent damages, but cannot take responsibility of potential damages of the box due to shipping.  

- The first batch of pre-orders sold out in 24 hours.  This order is for the second batch, which is released end of February.  There will be no more batches released after this, so we recommend ordering before we sell out!

Buy with confidence with our money-back guarantee!