Official WayV "Take Over The Moon - Sequel" 2nd Mini Album


WayV presents the special edition of their second mini-album, Take Over The Moon – Sequel! Besides the original six songs from Take Over The Moon, the sequel release also carries the English version of Love Talk and narration track WayV.oice #1, where WayV members deliver their most heartfelt messages to WayZenNis.

This edition comes with a 72-page photobook, a random photo card, a random circle card and a random postcard.

Track List

WayV 미니앨범 2집 속편 - Take Over The Moon – Sequel

01. 天选之城 (Moonwalk)
02. 黑夜日出 (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
03. 秘语 (Love Talk)
04. 心心相瘾 (King of Hearts)
05. 面对面 (Face to Face)
06. 幸福遇见 (We go nanana)
07. Love Talk
08. WayV.oice #1

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