Official BTS x Fila New Semester Carbon Backpack (Jimin)

Ripstop Double coated fabric applied
-Ripstop is a fabric that is made by putting a strong thread in the form of a checkerboard between the fabrics, and is resistant to
rupture, does not expand even if torn, and has little damage.
-The outer surface of the fabric
has excellent durability by applying carbon coating that has superior abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and yellowing resistance than general PU coating .
-A blackout pigment coating applied to tents, etc. is applied to the inside of the fabric to prevent reflection of internal belongings.

Agion antibacterial lining
-By developing and applying a functional lining processed with Agion antibacterial agent, it suppresses a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria and mold inside the bag, and is related to odors. Regulates bacterial growth.

Back ventilation system
-Air circulation path is provided on the back to prevent sweat and moisture from taking up and provide a more comfortable fit.

Various detail upgrades
-Equipped with a sliding chest belt that can adjust the height according to the user's body shape.
-D-ring details have been added to express your own personality, such as charm ornaments and dolls on the suspenders.
-By applying a retroreflective function to various details such as front piping, suspenders, puller, etc., visibility in night walking and rain has been enhanced.
-Abrasion resistance has been further strengthened by applying high denier (nylon 1680D) fabric at the bottom of the bag.
-A folding anti-sag pad is added to the inside of the bag to prevent the bag from sagging when storing a lot of belongings.
-15-inch laptop storage is possible.


Product Information

- Size : 32 x 53 x 22cm

- Material : Polyester, Nylon

- Item ID FS3BPD5001X_OWH