Official BTS x Fila New Semester - AEGIS Backpack (Jin)

★ Ballistic nylon fabric
- Ballistic nylon is in combat, explosives debris or material used on military jacket for protection from sharp weapons, four to five times higher than normal nylon with high durability and waterproof capabilities The fabric.

★ Antimicrobial lining 
- Antimicrobial lining developing and applying the functional processing to
inhibit a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi inside the bag, 
associated with smell and regulates bacterial growth.

★ Back ventilation system
-Air circulation path is provided on the back to prevent sweat and moisture from taking up and provide a more comfortable fit.

★ Various detail upgrades
-Equipped with a sliding chest belt that can adjust the height according to the user's body shape.
-D-ring details have been added to express your own personality, such as charm ornaments and dolls on the suspenders.
-By applying a retroreflective function to various details such as side webbing, suspenders, pullers, etc., visibility in night walking and rain has been enhanced.
-To improve user convenience, an organizer is designed inside the top pocket of the bag and the vertical zipper on the front.
-A folding anti-sag pad is added to the inside of the bag to prevent the bag from sagging when storing a lot of belongings.
-15-inch laptop storage is possible.


Product Information

- Size : 30 x 50 x 16cm

- Material : Polyester, Nylon

- Item ID FS3BPD5005X_BLK