Official BTS" TinyTAN Suyasuya Friend [Japanese Edition] Set

[Release Date] April 3, 2021

A cute sleeping stuffed animal with a pajamas costume design.
We use a soft and chewy material. It is a sleeping stuffed animal that makes the best use of each character.

Japanese version of TinyTAN plush set is here!  These limited edition plush are ONLY sold in Japan, but we are shipping worldwide to ARMYs!

Very limited stock available.  


Each doll dimensions:

Size: W190 × H120 × D90 (mm) / Weight: 69g 

1 x Jin TinyTAN Plush

1 x Jimin TinyTAN Plush

1 x J-Hope TinyTAN Plush

1 x Suga TinyTAN Plush

1 x V TinyTAN Plush

1 x Jungkook TinyTAN Plush