Official BTS "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: THE NOTES 1 and 2" Package Set

[Release Date] Oct 4, 2020



Amidst despair from errors and mistakes and a little bit of hope, the journey to find the map of the soul begins.

Perhaps it was inevitable that we return to this place.  Everything about us began here.  I realized the meaning of being together and the joy of laughing together.  here remains like a gaping wound of my first mistake, my first error that I could never admit with my own lips.  

Everything up to now couldn't have been coincidence.  It was inevitable that I'd arrive here.  Only then could I discover my errors and mistakes, and the meaning of the pain and anguish thus caused, and finally take the first step to search for the map of my soul.

-SeokJin 3 August Year 22



  •  "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life:  The Notes 1"
  •  "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: The Notes 2" 


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