Official BTS Pop Up: Logo Goods - Single Use Camera

[Release Date] Jan 15, 2021

Single-use manual film camera with 36 Kodak 35mm color film inside.  The BTS logo is printed all over it in a pattern.  

How to use:

1.  It can take a total of 36 shots, and the total number of shots left counts down each time a shot is taken.

2.  Turn the film winding lever all the way before taking a shot

3.  Press the shutter to take the shot.



1.  The camera is for single use only, and can't be reused.

2.  Photographs look better and have less image noise when taken in well-lit places.  They may look too dark when shots are taken in dark places.


Product Information

- Size : 95 x 58 x 32mm

- Material : PP