Official BTS Cubic Painting Ver 2

Make BTS come to life with this cubic painting set!  Each painting comes with color and number coded beads and accessories required to make your bias come to life. 


Canvas(40*50 cm), Paint Set, Premium Brush Set, Underdrawing, Arm Sleeves, Painting Storage Cases, Guide, Steel Wall hooks, Wall Hooks, Mini level(Horizontal Meters), Coating, Package Box


This painting set is relatively easy to complete. Match the color and number coded beads with the numbers shown in the draft.


[Iron Wall Hook] Use a ruler or tape measure to mark the point where you want to fix it. Put the wall hook on the marked point. Tighten the screws using a hand screwdriver or electric screwdriver.

[Tricycle hooks] Use a hammer to tap and hold where you want to attach your work. Note that the sharped part should be placed on the wall. Once you're done fixing it to the wall, hang your work with the iron hook.

[Horizontal] Check the level by placing it on top of your work for hanging on the wall. If the bubble is centered, it is horizontal.