Official Blackpink Lightstick Ver 2 - Limited Edition

[Release Date] Nov 20, 2020



■ Limited Edition Set of 4 Photocards
  • Option to purchase limited-edition set of 4 photo cards featuring unreleased images along with the Official Blackpink Lightstick Ver 2.


■ Item Information

  • Package : Out Box + Light Stick + Cradle + Strap + Manual
  • Material : ABS, PC etc. 
  • Bluetooth Connection 
  • Central Control : Your light stick is automatically connected to our control center at the concert venue. (Press the power button for 3 seconds to disconnect or reconnect your light stick to the control center.)
  • Requires 3ea AAA batteries(Batteries not included)  
  • This product does not come with a built-in battery and is not rechargeable.
  • When the battery power is low, the color may be blurred or look like little bit different.  
  • This light stick responds to a specific sound source, and the data is not entered in the product that is initially purchased.
  • Before using, update the software and performance information and specific sound source through the App. And press the power button for 2 seconds to reboot after updating. If DO NOT download the data, it may be no reaction or the presentation dissimilar.
  • There is a MIC in the light stick to recognize the sound source. The response may not be smooth due to the wearing of earphones or loudly surround.