BTS Learn Korean with TinyTan Official Package

[Expected Date of Stock] June 3, 2021

This package is perfect for ARMYs who would like to start learning Korean.  This book comes with all the basics in learning Korean alphabet "Hangeul".

If you:

- want to read what BTS posted on social media right away

- want to really understand the Korean lyrics of BTS songs

- always think "I'll learn Korean someday..." but that's it

...then this package is perfect for you!  You can watch the adorable movements of TinyTAN while reminding yourself of the consonants and vowels of Hangeul.

As an added bonus, the purple pen helps you listen to BTS' voices on getting the correct pronunciation!



- Book

- Workbook


-Flashcard pack

- 2 posters

- 2 masking tape

- Sticker Pack