BTS and BT21 Wireless Earphones Airpod Alternatives


BT21 is a globally beloved character created in collaboration with BTS
    • Cooky: Pinkish Tough Bunny created by Jungkook
    • RJ:  Polite alpaca created by Jin
    • Tata:  Heart-shaped alien created by V
    • Koya:  Sleepy Koala created by RM
    • Chimmy:  Puppy with yellow hoodie created by Jimin
    • Shooky:  Naughty cookie created by Suga
    • Mang:  Dancing horse created by J-Hope
    • Van:  Represents ARMY!



    • High-Quality Wireless Airpod Alternatives
    • Pair with any Bluetooth-enabled phone
    • Answer phone calls, Listen to Music
    • 3 hours playback time

    This is an aftermarket customized electronic device.  The original manufacturer is under no obligation to repair or refund this product. We are not an authorized reseller of Apple Inc products. The trademarks Apple is the registered trademarks of the respective companies.