August 02, 2020

Did you know that the gorgeous was designed by an ATINY? KQ Entertainment had made a public official lightstick design contest where all Atiny's can enter with their design of the new Ateez lightstick, and many talented Atiny's submitted beautiful designs!

While this lightstick is said to have similarities to BTS' Army Bomb Lightstick(although the Map of the Soul Version of the Army Bomb Lightstick is a little different), the Ateez lightstick definitely is uniquely and distinctly for Ateez and Atiny's.

As Atiny's know, Ateez's concept is a "pirate/treasure" one, so many designs were submitted with this contest. The lucky winner that had their design chosen was definitely an ATINY who knew the concept of ATEEZ in extreme detail. The lightstick incorporated everything that is meaningful to the group, like their slogan "8 Makes 1 Team", the Earth globe that represents Ateez's journey (and domination!), the compass for the pirate/treasure concept, and black and gold which are ATEEZ's group colors. No detail, big or small, was left out of this lightstick design. That is for sure!

The first batch of the Ateez lightstick was sold out within hours of release, indicating how popular it is amongst Atiny's alike.

While ATEEZ's 2020 World Tour was postponed due to the pandemic situation, Atiny's are still able to enjoy and utilize this lightstick with various releases by KQ entertainment during this time such as Ateez's Zero : Fever comeback album!

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