July 29, 2020

KQ Entertainment has released the official MV of Ateez's "INCEPTION" for their upcoming album comeback "Zero:Fever Part.1" today and it is ABSOLUTELY🔥🔥🔥!!!

The song was written by Hongjoong and Mingi, along with ATEEZ's collaborator producers EDEN, Ollounder, Buddy and Leez.  In the music video and lyrics, "Inception" talks about falling in love similar to an experience of being completely immersed in a dream.  If the feelings of the other person isn't returned or if the relationship ends, it could be a nightmare instead of a dream, and goes on to hint that the song is hinting of a one-sided love or infatuation.  

The release of this music video kicks off a new era for the group and was preceded by trailers for the upcoming comeback, teasers, and special 16-minute film, "Zero: Fever Part.1 'Diary Film'".